10 Best Creative Ideas to Decorate your Home this Diwali

Saurabh Kumar Vishwakarma
6 min readAug 21, 2020

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Diwali is a five-day-long festival and probably one of the biggest festivals of Hindus. It’s a time when the family comes together to celebrate this festival. It’s also a time when there are so much work and planning during this time. What food what decoration what crackers how to keep children occupied and what not? Phew…that’s not all.

There are so many Diwali ideas available on the web from DIY to buy in wholesale. There are also so many Diwali items available on the web. With so many options available some are very repetitive and some really confuse us.

So to make your Diwali planning simpler I have tried to make a list of creative ideas for Diwali 2020 which will involve you and your family in various activities. Plus most of them can be made way in advance.

There are so many ways you can involve kids in Diwali planning. Ask your kids to make Diwali cards for relatives like grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. All you need is papers, colors some art, and craft things like ribbons, scissors, threads, etc. You can ask them to write beautiful quotes, ensuring that messages are more thoughtful. And, yeah your handmade personalized Diwali card. I found some really cool ideas on the web with card making involving kids. To help you with all the raw material, I found most of the card making materials here.

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Rangoli are really a part of the entire Diwali process and somehow all of us make Rangoli one way or the other. But they are an integral part of the Diwali celebration. I had spoken about various types of Rangoli. But this Glitter Rangoli is a unique Diwali idea if you want to deviate from normal Rangolis. Check out some amazing designs here and if you are looking to buy the material find it here.

Diwali is one of the festivals where we need to be extra careful and try to be as eco-friendly. We will have to measures not to harm nature by using harmful products like fire-crackers, plastic products. We gift our loved ones on Diwali to show that we care about them. There are so many NGOs who promote eco-friendly handmade personalized Diwali gifts and handicrafts which are environmentally friendly and made with items that are natural. Please try to avoid plastics as much as possible.

The packaging which we use often colored papers we can replace them with eco-friendly packaging options like re-cycled papers, coir boxes, jute bags, etc.

Let’s pledge to make this Diwali an eco-friendly Diwali without compromising on our traditions.

So, we may have some old earthen pots at home. It’s that time of the year when you can re-vamp those old ceramic cups or earthen pots. You can hand paint them or just stick on some mirrors and motif and make them really aesthetically appealing. And they will be as good as a brand new one. You could also buy some normal earthen diyas and give them your own look and be as artistic as possible and this can be one of those ideas you can handmade Diwali gift to your loved ones.

So we all have bangles at home bangles diyas are really unique the bangles act as an outer case for diyas all you need are old glass bangles and glues. Stack bangles one over another and just glue them together and see the magic once you light a Diya inside this stack. Check this out to DIY these creative Diwali light holders. If you want you can buy some of these from here.

creative ideas for diwali 2020

As part of our traditions along with all the decorations and all we also have usually stick on Shubh Laabh (where Shubh means auspicious and Laabh means profit) on our door frames of the main door and also make Goddess Lakshmi footprint on the floor of the house. You can try making these your own by some simple article and put in your personal touch to them.

Most of the lampshades we see are made of fabric or in some cases engraved wood but for Diwali, you can DIY some paper lamp shades. They are easy to make require very less time and can be made small to big. Involve your family into this if you are planning to make a couple of lampshades. Want to learn how to make? Just click here

There was a time when CDs were in but with technology advancing now they have become obsolete. So what should we do with them?

I have seen them being used in some really innovative Diwali decor, some people had made clocks out of them some. Some used mirrors motifs and embellishments to decorate the cd and use it like a showpiece some people made coasters out of them, some made Diya holders. Use your imagination here guys to show the diwali creative ideas I just gave you a couple of creative ideas on how to use them this Diwali. check this video

I came across this creative idea once visiting a friend she had decorated her house using old dupattas. She used some embellishments and motifs on her dupatta and then used it as a curtain between her sitting room and her dining area. So, a similar thing can be made with sarees and used over the ceiling like a marquee.

Diwali is the time of the year when every one of us craves to be with loved ones. But some times not all of us are not lucky to be at home. So, why not throw a party for friends of yours who couldn’t travel to their home towns. You can find some Diwali theme options like traditional or color based theme and have a gala time at the party.

If you are bored of doing the same thing in every Diwali, then try these unique ideas for this Diwali, make a glitter rangoli or decorate with dupattas try these or if you have any other ideas share with us as well. Some of them are DIY and some you can buy from different places or online portals.

If you are DIY some articles then do share the pictures with us. And, if we have forgotten to add something then please comment and let us know. Above are my Diwali creative ideas / creative ideas for Diwali 2020 list.

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