20 Best Useful Diwali Gifts Items for Family & Friends available on Amazon

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This is one of the most common and useful gifting option available and ideal Diwali Gifts for friends and neighbours. You can gift them some really useful things like LED lights. There are many options like string, strips, curtain style.

Curtain Led like these are extremely beautiful to gift and once installed they look beautiful and your friends will appreciate this gift. To buy this

All-time hit gift, eco-friendly diyas are perfect Diwali gift for relatives. They are easy to find and these days there are so many upgraded versions of traditional diyas or pots. Some are hand-painted some have motifs and mirror in designs. They are colourful and come in sets or single pieces in different shapes and sizes. This is really very useful diwali gifts you can give to anyone.

has some beautiful collections of diyas and earthen pots like these. This one in the image is ready to go type of diya, no oil no cotton just light up this beautiful Diya and make your house extra beautiful.

Another universally gifted options during Diwali is candles. Tealights, scented candles, glass candles, coloured candles. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some candles are so beautifully decorated on the outside that you will not feel like lighting them. have over the time become our go-to options while gifting in Diwali.

This is one gift which I feel has super relaxing effect. Ideal for gifting your husbands or wives this Diwali. The essentials oils have long known to have healing and soothing properties. And when these oil burns slowly with the help of diffuser they leave the atmosphere surrounded with a lovely smell which has relaxing effect on the body. There are many types of aroma oil diffuser but my go-to version is the one made of ceramic. Check out some of the

With people having literally no time in fast-paced life they want everything at their doorstep and in one place. Indian Pooja (worshipping of our god) is different than most religions in the world. A Pooja thali set consist of basic utensils required to perform pujas in the house. Pooja thali can be made with various materials like brass, copper, steel or even silver. A usually consists of a big plate, a couple of small bowls, a diya and a small glass.

kit are really unique and are additions to the above. Worried that you have not got the entire list pooja samagrih. The Pooja box is your solution for this, usually contains all type of Pooja related ingredients. It typically contains incense sticks, turmeric powder, kumkum, Chandan powder, Ganga Jal, red yellow rice and many more things. In short, this kit will have all the samagrihs for Laxmi Pooja

Torans are usually put on doors and in Diwali, they have their own special meaning. We are welcoming goddess Laxmi to our house so, we start with our doorways. Torans comes in different materials like wooden, textile, plastic. They come in so many designs and colours some with lights also.

Want to gift your loved one some healthy options to snack on? Then a is your best choice. Nuts which are high in nutrition less in sugars and fats you really show your loved ones you care about them and their health. is full of various options and choices when choosing this gift item. Gift your loved ones their health this Diwali.

is one of my go-to gift item this Diwali. I especially like hand made pottery which is little premium and since they are hand made they are truly unique gift item for Diwali 2020, each piece is different than others because if its hand made you can’t exactly replicate the same in another piece. They are colourful and useful who wouldn’t want to eat on a beautiful plate and bowls.

Indoor planters, an extremely thoughtful gift item for Diwali, these plants require little or no maintenance plus they have their own qualities. Other than aesthetic looks some plants are known to purify the air, remove toxins, increase the oxygen level in the house. You will be gifting them health this Diwali by gifting them indoor planter. Please feel free to check out some options

I find them very intriguing. They look so beautiful in the sky lit up and floating in the dark sky. Originally a Chinese invention they have slowly become a trend in India as well. I find them better than bursting firecrackers. They come in sets and are easy to assemble and come with tea lights. Just adjust the tealights on the stand and burn and just leave it in the air and it will float.

A lot of houses have traditions of playing cards on Diwali night. The intention of playing cards on Diwali night is just for fun and not for making money. So, for these household pack of playing cards is a good item of gifts.

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Upgrade your living room with some quirky cushions this Diwali. You can go for traditional cushions with embroidery, motifs and mirror or you can go for some quirky printed quotations or printed designs. Some people are very colour conscious and during festivals, they avoid certain colours like black. So, try avoiding gift items in black colour. Here are some options for you to

Something you really liked probably a quote or a quirky statement or a funny line. Get that framed and gift your friends. It will keep them inspired, motivated or if they are having a bad time improve their mood.

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Smartwatches are one of the best watches for your family. In today’s world where we are surrounded by diseases, this is one of the most effective methods of tracking the health of your loved ones. Just wear it on your hand like a watch and this watch can monitor a lot of your vital signs like a heartbeat, blood pressure. Depending on the features and brand the range of these can be from 1K-15K.

Highly overrated I feel but its a crowd-pleaser. You can look out for some hand made or probably imported chocolates. There are options like sugar-free, dark, milk, white chocolates. There are so many chocolate hampers available online. Take your pick

Diwali gift items, the list can go on and on. As there is no limit to thinking of ours. I have prepared a very small list of 20 Best Useful Diwali Gifts Items for Family & Friends available on Amazon. Do lookout for the pointers on colours and metal which are not considered auspicious for Diwali gifting.

Please feel free to add in if you feel that its relevant for Diwali gifting. Do let me know which gift you liked the most and are planning to buy

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