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Saurabh Kumar Vishwakarma
7 min readAug 18, 2020

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Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India and celebrated throughout the world in its entire traditions. One of the biggest parts of Diwali is not just the food, crackers or firecrackers, but one the main things are Diwali decorations, in mythology has it that this day Goddess Laxmi visits each household and blesses them. So, that’s why people clean up their houses and decorate them for Diwali.

So, here I am presenting 15 best ideas for Diwali decoration for 2020. There are traditional Diwali decorations and modern decorations. From paper to metal some Deepavali decorations can be DIY (do It yourself) and some can be brought online through various platforms. Some of would want to go for theme-based decorations. There are many themes available online and there are people who also sell diwali decoration items in wholesale.

One of the first thing which comes in our mind first is Lights, after all, it is the festival of lights. As the legend has it Diwali is celebrated because Lord Ram returned home to Ayodhya that night and people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting Diya on that night. So one of an integral part in Diwali Decorations is lights. Here a lot of people would go for traditional diwali decorations like:

Available in various shapes and sizes these are my personal favourite they give a superb look to our homes. Hundreds of Diya lighting together is an absolute beauty, It requires a bit of time and effort but the result is magical. These days we get painted and fancy diyas also which are so colourful and beautifully decorated. You can find some good choice on

Along with diyas a lot of people light up candles too. There are so many options available in different shapes and sizes, perfumed and non-perfumed, coloured or white. A lot of usually use a mix of both candles and diyas to light up our Diwali.

diwali decoration diya

A lot of people use decoration lights for home on the outside. There are so many tea lights available and people like to have them outside the house to light up the atmosphere. So many options like pendant lights, light for planters, led lights. Easy to install and operate on one button this is also a very popular choice for Diwali light decoration. Oh, by the way, we get these lights in the form of Diyas also, so in a way, it has a touch of traditions. We found some really fancy light options right from chandeliers to strings to stripes and with so many colour options. In fact, you can have a colour theme decorations with the same colour light similar colour rangoli and wall hangings. We found some really good options

We find paper lampshades in a lot of cultures especially in Asia and that’s where probably we adapted it into our culture. They are so colourful and comes in all shapes and sizes, and with so many options depending on where you want to put them these will make your house even beautiful. You can DIY this or buy this out from various places. If you are DIY (doing it yourself) you will probably need some decorative items to make them. Please feel free to explore this link for Diwali decorative items.

Not so traditional but something which looks totally classy and modern is glass jar lantern. I have seen some which are in the shape on a lamp and some in really amazing colours and decor.

Another version of these glass lantern is mason jars lights. Yeah, it may have come from the Middle East but its amazing indoor decoration items. You will have to extra careful if you are working with these because they are glass and can easily break. We don’t want accidents to happen on Diwali.

What’s that? Paper cups and light. This is totally DIY Diwali decoration, you need paper cups, some thread and led lights and you are sorted. To know how to make these. Super easy and simple to make they are really unique and totally different to other Deepavali Decorations.

Thread Lanterns and Balloons Latest additions to Diwali decorations are thread lantern made up of thick threads or woollen rolls and Balloons. Really simple but truly unique these can be added to our lighting decorations ideas.

Another integral part of Deepavali decoration is Rangolis. Some of us are super creative while others struggle to get this done, The main challenge in Rangoli making is the time it consumes to make a simple design.

Made with different type of colour flours, this is slightly difficult to manage but with the right kind of tools, even a novice can make really good designs. I found some really handy tool on. Just fill in the type of colour you want to use and the flour becomes very easy to handle, no slipping out of hand no mess and really easy to use. You can even use Rangoli stencils to make your life easier.

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A lot of people make rangoli using flower petals. Here the designs can be super simple to super complicated and you will need loads of flower with various colours to make it attractive. One thing to keep in mind is that if it’s very windy and you are making this outside the flower petals will blow away. Here are some Diwali floral decoration designs which I loved over the web.

Although not so popular but its a very easy way to make Rangolis all you need is White rice, some daals, some colours and water. First, take rice and divide it as per colour, next add the colour sprinkle a little water and mix the rice and there you have the rice ready to use for Rangoli

The latest addition to our list Diwali decoration items is Acrylic Rangoli. It comes in a set of 4,5,6 and so on depending on how complicated the design is. Rest is like jig jaw puzzle. Just put the pieces together and get the rangoli made in a matter of seconds.

That was just the start the lights and the rangoli. Here are few other ideas of decorating for Diwali this year.

A very traditional South Indian thing, it is basically a brass vessel which is usually round and a little deep with certain design in the handle and a small stand. We just fill this with clean water and very gently add some flower petals so that they float on water and put in some floating candle. I usually place this on both sides of the door but if you have a single one you can use it as a centrepiece for your rangoli designs. You can find some uruli options here.

Torans are a kind of wall hangings meant for hanging over the Doors. Traditionally, it was made from marigold flowers and mango leaves, but now we get them made by mirror, clothes and heavy embellishments.

Wall hangings made with paper are very popular in Diwali. You can totally DIY these hangings they can be designed in the traditional way with motifs and all or can be really modern with threads, paper etc.

Very commonly used, these are small wall sticks which come in different colours and designs. Just take out the sheet and glue it on the floor or in between steps on the staircase or if you want on the walls as well. Totally up to you, with so many designs to choose from taking your pick.

For me, Diwali is about decoration fun, food, presents/gifts and family. Watch out this space for more Diwali related articles. This is just about Diwali decorations. And to my best knowledge, I have tried to put together an exhaustive list of ideas for Diwali decoration. I hope that the article gives you both the options of traditional decoration and modern decoration. Take your pick and start-up making this Diwali of 2020 truly special for you and your loved ones. We would love to hear from you let us know if you found this article interesting and definitely point out if I have missed something. Above are my top 15 Diwali Decoration ideas for 2020.

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